Pretty Focused 101: Camera Foundations

We'll teach you how to use your camera and edit your photos following the SAME proven system used by Pretty Focused Food Blog Photography graduates.

It’s built so literally anyone can do it - even if you’ve never used a DSLR camera before.


So many people ask us what is the one thing they can do to get ready for Pretty Focused. We always tell them to use the time before they join to learn how to properly use their camera.

That way, when they do join, they can start working more quickly because they will join already knowing how to use their camera. This makes getting to graduation even faster!

This course is right for you, if:

You want join Food Blog Photography - but don't have any previous photography experience and you want to learn before you join;

You have a full frame, crop sensor or mirrorless camera but do NOT know how to use it in manual;

AND you dream of one day setting your own schedule, being your own boss and working as a food photographer.

Best of all, when you’re ready to join Tier 3 Food Blog Photography, we GIVE you $197 off!


Hey, I'm Melodee
& I'll Be Your Instructor

As a former school teacher, I wanted to be able to contribute financially to my family, but the desire to work from home while my boys were young outweighed everything. I’d been photographing as a hobby for several years and loved it, so starting my own home-based photography business seemed like the answer. What I learned, was that I just need a kitchen, a camera, and a computer to help me do it.

  • ​Pretty Focused was created in 2017
  • Over 1000 students have joined
  • We truly believe that anyone can learn to do this!!


There are 14 total lessons in Pretty Focused 101: Camera Foundations. We talk about shooting in manual, aperture, ISO, shutter speed and focal points -- and about putting it all together in photo editing.


  • Getting to Know Your Camera
  • Setting Up Your Camera
  • Camera Lenses
  • Lighting
  • Aperture
  • ISO
  • Shutter speed
  • Putting it All Together
  • White Balance
  • Understand the Focal Plane
  • Adjusting Focus
  • Shooting in RAW


  • Camera Setting Cheat Sheet
  • Importing Images into Lightroom
  • Lightroom Tools and Panels
  • Editing Photos in Lightroom
  • Exporting Images
Your training starts when you enroll. But you can take things at your own pace, when it is most convenient for you. So you never have to worry about falling behind or finding time.

No Experience Necessary

  1. We’ll teach you how to shoot in manual with ease – regardless of what camera you own.
  2. We’ll teach you, how to edit your photos in Lightroom the same way professional photographers do.
  3. You’ll learn the much sought-after Pretty Focused approach to food photography.

What Our Students Are Saying

" It was a major "aha moment! "

"When I first started with Pretty Focused I had very limited knowledge of how to use my camera correctly, I understood there was an exposure triangle but my biggest issue was how to make that work for the best picture using correct lighting, aperture, and shutter speed. Learning that helped me to be able to understand how my camera worked together and how to nail my focus. It was like a major aha moment once it all clicked I am very grateful for Pretty Focused and the way this course explained that I could understand how to use my camera correctly."

Sherri -

" I am surprised how much I learned! "

"This course taught me that there is so much more that a camera can do other shoot in auto focus. I learned that your camera can be customized to all sorts of settings according to what you are trying to capture. And that there are different factors that can help, or hinder, your ability to get a great shot. This was all new to me but I am surprising myself at what I can learn."

Andrea -

" My photo quality has improved so much from this course. "

“The only experience I had shooting food was posting what I was eating on Instagram. The tips and tricks Melodee has shared helped me take my photos from beginner to holding their own among elite food photographers!”

Kim -

" Your photography knowledge is really expanded. "

“After joining Pretty Focused I learned new ways of using aperture and lighting. It expanded my previous knowledge and made my photography better overall.”

Addie -

Just look at these amazing photos from our students!

A Breakdown of What You'll Get

16 Lessons

Over 3 hrs

  • 12 Lessons on Camera Foundations
  • 4 Lessons on Lightroom Photo Editing
  • Camera Setting Cheat Sheet
    PLUS $197 off of Tier 3*


Today's cost to you: