Tier 3: Food Blog Photography Course

Learn How to Become a
Professional Food Blog Photographer

Even if you have no experience!

Get hired! Are you ready to start building your very own food photography business...right from your kitchen?

With our approach, you’ll learn food photography as well as set up your business. And we'll even introduce you to clients after you graduate -- through our exclusive Buyers Club.

Best of all, no experience necessary.

After working in this industry for years,

3 crucial things are very apparent to us:

  1. Many photography courses tell new photographers to work for free (!!!)
    until the right person or brand notices them. This is no way to start a business.

  2. Even great photographers have trouble finding consistent work and often don't
    make enough money to hit their financial goals. This is stressful and defeating.

  3. There are a million "make money" courses online that promise the world and deliver
    far less. They don't provide coaching or customers or any real opportunities.

WHAT IF there was a better way?

WHAT IF we offered a whole new solution that most people didn't even know
existed? ...A solution that set people up for success, right from the very beginning.

You see, food bloggers and online business owners desperately need content
and are willing to pay top dollar - BUT they can't find qualified photographers
who are trained well enough
to supply it.

WHAT IF we provided training and coaching so that people could become photographers specialized in food blog photography? And what if, when those people graduated, they were introduced to clients who were WAITING to hire them?

Does This Sound LIKE YOU?

You want flexibility to be able to take time off when you want, where
you want, and how you want; without asking anyone for permission.

You want to have financial stability so you don't have to put the
holidays on credits cards or stress over the month to month finances.

You're looking for more time with family or the kids, but your current
situation doesn't allow you to take time off when you want or need to.

You're struggling to find something that you love; that joins your
passions with consistent and reliable income.


Why We're Unique

Pretty Focused doesn't just teach, we COACH our students through the whole process. And, we CONNECT our students directly to clients as soon as they graduate!



  1. Getting to Know Your Camera
  2. Setting Up Your Camera
  3. Camera Lenses
  4. Lighting
  5. Aperture
  6. ISO
  7. Shutter speed
  8. Putting it All Together
  9. White Balance
  10. Understand the Focal Plane
  11. Adjusting Focus
  12. Shooting in RAW
  13. Camera Setting Cheat Sheet


  1. Tutorial Based Photography
  2. The Readers Journey
  3. Composition Guidelines
  4. Centering and the Rule of Thirds
  5. Forming Triangles Pt 1
  6. Forming Triangles Pt 2
  7. Adding Movement
  8. White Space
  9. Plates and Props
  10. Styling Boards
  11. Linens
  12. Garnishes


  1. 5 Components of Photographing Recipes
  2. Planning Your Session
  3. Ingredient Shots
  4. Photographing Process
  5. Photographing Heroes Pt 1
  6. Photographing Heroes Pt 2
  7. Photographing Heroes Pt 3


  1. Culling in Photo Mechanic
  2. Importing Images
  3. Lightroom Tools and Panels
  4. Editing Photos
  5. Adjusting White Balance
  6. Pretty Focused Preset
  7. Exporting Images
  8. Lightroom updates 13.1
  9. Understanding the Histogram
  10. Editing Blues
  11. Editing Greens
  12. Editing Meat
  13. Editing Pasts
  14. Editing Red Drinks
  15. Lightroom Shortcut Cheat Sheet


  1. Working for Bloggers
  2. Recreations
  3. Exclusive Posts
  4. Semi-Exclusives
  5. Crafts
  6. Find Your Greatest Area of Contribution


  1. Setting Up Your Business
  2. Invoicing and Photo Delivery Systems
  3. Pricing Pt 1
  4. Pricing Pt 2
  5. Contracts
  6. Client Questionnaire
  7. Foundations for Success
  8. Buyers Club Guidelines and Code of Conduct


Personalized Coaching for Every Student

As a Food Blog Photography student, you'll get PERSONALIZED COACHING in our exclusive community on Facebook.

Yes. Direct feedback, personalized to you, on your work and progress. This isn't a place where you post something and never get a response. 

The group is a safe and encouraging space for you to post your images, give and receive advice and ask questions. Here, you’ll see yourself grow in ways you have never imagined. It will no doubt be a favorite part of your journey.

Our team has 7 amazing coaches to guide you through the process to graduation. These women all bring something incredible to the table. And they all want the same thing: for you to be successful.


The Pretty Focused
Buyers Club

As a Food Blog Photography graduate, you will be connected with people who want to hire you in our exclusive Buyers Club. In this group, only our grads are able to ask potential clients what they are looking for and create the valuable content they want to buy. Access to this group is priceless.

More than 1,000 buyers are inside this exclusive group and it's growing every day!

What Our Grads Are Saying About The Buyers Club

“The...thing that sold me on the course was the buyer’s group. You completely set us up for success with your course because you not only get us to work hard on putting our best work in our portfolio, but you connect us with bloggers who need us to work for them.

Not even 24 hours after posting
in that group, I was hired by 2 bloggers to photograph 10 recipes for them. TEN!!! That covered my cost of your course plus extra! I am still in shock! Thank you so much for everything you continually do to help us!!!”

- Melody K, Pretty Focused Graduate

“After I joined the buyer's club I had so much interest from bloggers! Every day or every other day I was getting contacted or reaching out in response to posts. I quickly filled up all the time that I had for photography work. The first blogger contacted me FIVE minutes after that Buyer's Club post went live. And within a week I was full up.

So it's been super exciting to get to jump into paid work. I thought that it would take weeks or months to get clients but it happened so fast! The process of Pretty Focuses works!"

- Megan S, Pretty Focused Graduate

Imagine yourself working in your kitchen, with your camera in hand, creating a career that you love...

After graduating Food Blog Photography you’ll be able to:
  • Style and create content like you never thought possible.
  • Understand the fundamentals of shooting and editing to generate the best result every time.
  • Have a killer portfolio that speaks for itself and sells.
  • Manage and run your new business with all the tools at your fingertips.
  • Communicate with your peers to stay on top of the trends and challenges in the industry.
  • Leverage the Pretty Focused Buyers Club to attract the best clients 
  • ...And so much more!
Work as much or as little as you’d like
Because you are creating this business on your own terms, you get to tap-in when you want and tap-out when you feel like you need that week with your family.

Over the last 3 years (2021-2023)

Pretty Focused is the only place you can connect with
clients within a week of graduating...

...and is the only place where 14% of grads make more than $100,000!

Food Blog Photography grads can make as little or as much as they need.

Over the last 3 years (2021-2023),
Grads working 20+ hrs per week: 

  • 14% reported making >$100k / yr
  • 18% reported $75k-$100k / yr
  • 37% reported $50k-$75k / yr

*These numbers were self-reported by our Food Blog Photography grads.
This is not a guarantee. Results may vary.*

A Breakdown of What You'll Get

The Entire Food Blog Photography Training System

6 Modules
60+ Lessons
Over 11 hrs

Professionally arranged training, highly organized, to make learning fun and easy. And it all fits into your schedule!
Accessible on any device, anytime, from anywhere.

4 Photography Modules:

  • 12 Lessons on Camera Foundations
  • 12 Lessons on Composition and Styling
  • 7 Lessons on Photographing Recipes
  • 15 Lessons on Lightroom Photo Editing

2 Business Modules:

  • 6 Lessons on Working for Clients
  • 8 Lessons on Setting up Your Business

Plus 12 FREE Bonuses

Bonus #1
Camera Setting Guide

This 12-page comprehensive digital guide is packed with all the resources and information you need from our camera basics module, presented in an easy-to-read format. Keep it right at your fingertips for quick reference during practices.

Bonus #2
Lightroom Preset

Edit with ease and speed using our preset. Say goodbye to long hours at the computer and hello to more time doing what you love.

Bonus #3

Expense Tracker

We've got you covered when it comes to keeping track of your work, expenses, and taxes. We know how important it is to understand your spending patterns, so you can confidently price yourself and make informed financial decisions.

Bonus #4

Free Content

At Pretty Focused, we're constantly evolving alongside the industry. Our priority is to ensure that all our students stay in the know with the latest information. When we update our courses, you'll receive all the juicy details at no extra cost. We've got your back!

Bonus #5

Artificial Light

Discover our game-changing artificial light masterclass and unlock the power to fully control your lighting setup! Say goodbye to limitations and hello to ultimate freedom and flexibility in your photography journey. Join us now and learn the secrets to mastering continuous artificial light, no matter when or where you shoot.

Bonus #6

Selling Exclusives Masterclass

Discover the secrets to crafting delicious recipes and selling them through your very own online shop. This is the same masterclass that has empowered countless grads to achieve six-figure success.

Bonus #7

Live Orientation

This 12-page comprehensive digital guide is packed with all the resources and information you need from our camera basics module, presented in an easy-to-read format. Keep it right at your fingertips for quick reference during practices.

Bonus #8

Printed Welcome Packet

You’ll be getting our first ever printed Success Guide in the mail to accompany you on your journey! We show you step by step what it takes to go through the course and become successful.

Bonus #9

Grad Success

Once you graduate, get ready to meet our amazing grad success coach! They'll guide you through reviewing your portfolio and answering any questions you might have about what lies ahead in the Buyers Club. We're here to support you every step of the way!

PLUS, 12 Months Access to the BIGGEST BONUSES
You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

All Tier 3 Purchases Receive
12 Months Access to Coaching + Buyers Club

Receive a full year of unlimited access to our personalized coaching, including a portfolio review and exclusive Buyers Club when you graduate. Even if it takes you 5 months to finish the course, you'll still have 7 months to enjoy all the benefits of the Buyers Club. Plus, if you ever need to regain access to the coaching or Buyers Club, simply rejoin for a monthly membership fee of just $47.

Bonus #10


In our exclusive community, you'll have access to our 7 amazing coaches. They will give you personalized coaching based on your work and guide you through the process to graduation.

Bonus #11


Our Portfolio Review Coach will walk you through developing and perfecting your portfolio to showcase your work in a way potential clients will love.

Bonus #12

Pretty Focused
Buyers Club

After graduating Pretty Focused - Food Blog Photography, you'll be welcomed into our buyers club where you can network with 1000 (and growing) potential clients who want to work with people like you.

-> Tier 3 Exclusive Bonus <-

If You Choose One-Time Payment for Tier 3,
You’ll Save $767
PLUS Receive This Bonus

Get an additional


inside of the Buyers Club after you graduate.

Total Value:

4 Photography Modules:

  • 12 Lessons on Camera Foundations
  • 12 Lessons on Composition and Styling
  • 7 Lessons on Photographing Recipes
  • 15 Lessons on Lightroom Photo Editing

(Valued at $3,997)

2 Business Modules:

  • 6 Lessons on Working for Clients
  • 8 Lessons on Setting up Your Business

(Valued at $2,997)

12 Bonuses:

  • Camera Setting Cheat Sheet
  • Lightroom Preset
  • Expense Tracker
  • Free Content Updates
  • Artificial Lighting Masterclass
  • Selling Exclusives Masterclass
  • Live Orientation Call
  • Printed Welcome Packet
  • Grad Success Call

+ 12 Months Access to:

  • Personalized Coaching
  • Portfolio Review
  • Pretty Focused Buyers Club

(Valued at $12,964)

> Total Value $19,958 <